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  • Australian businesses need to upgrade their electronic security devices as technology evolves, for example as the nbnTM rolls out.
  • Many are taking the opportunity to adopt a more modern approach to electronic security with systems that can contribute actionable intelligence to the business.
  • Locational data can be incredibly valuable for a variety of businesses, including retail, local government and education.

We explore the business possibilities unlocked by leveraging data and analytics from electronic security systems to make better decisions.

As technology evolves, for example as the nbnTM network rolls out, businesses around the country are taking the need to move to digital, IP-based electronic security systems and turning it into an opportunity.

“As businesses are upgrading, they’re getting a lot more data from their new systems,” says Tamora Wells, Electronic Security Product Principal at Telstra. “We’re now seeing them use that data in more sophisticated ways to extract insights and make informed decisions.”

By tying previously disparate data together, for example facial recognition analytics and access control data, businesses are able to give much greater context to the management of security and people.

Smart technologies like facial recognition, object detection, people counting, license plate recognition, queue management and more, can all enhance decision making across other parts of the organisation such as marketing, operations, financial auditing and compliance.


Vantage™ 2018 - Seeing your organisation through a new lens

Tamora Wells discusses the advantages of Telstra’s new Managed Video Surveillance.

How businesses are making the most of their data

It’s the flexibility of modern security devices which makes them so useful for businesses that need new ways to track or monitor assets.

“One of our customers is a regional council with cameras to monitor the flow of traffic around its district. We have upgraded these to IP cameras with edge computing,” says Wells. “By tying these new cameras into our platform, the council’s staff can now remotely monitor the roads improving the safety of its residents.”

While security cameras are often given centre stage in these discussions, alarms and door access systems can provide equally valuable insights into how people are engaging with an organisation by building a long-term of view of who uses what, when – such as creating heat-maps that allow retailers to better understand what products are attracting attention on the shelf.

“By tying these new cameras into our platform, the council’s staff can now trace the cars coming and going at a glance and are able to fact-check these records back to the original recording.” 

Tamora Wells, Electronic Security Product Principal at Telstra.

Security managers need to be aware that this new data source needs to have a secure communication path from the device - which is often in a less physically secure area - to your data centre – requiring consideration of both the electronic and cyber security domains.

The value of managed services

Digital electronic security devices can often require specialised skills to install, manage and maintain, which combined with equipment costs, can traditionally make a potentially expensive upgrade for businesses.

“One of the biggest challenges I’m seeing among customers is the impact of the cost itself when upgrading – they want to take advantage of the more capable IP cameras, but they simply don’t have the CapEx,” says Wells.

“Telstra’s Managed Video Surveillance is available in a range of flexible commercial models, so businesses can integrate that as OpEx, paying by the month and adding additional equipment and services when they need to.”

In addition to simplifying setup and maintenance for organisations without those digital skills, this flexibility allows businesses to start with small-scale trials of any installation and ramp up quickly once their business case is proven. 

“Underpinned by our world-class expertise and ability to scale, Telstra is uniquely positioned to help customers manage their electronic security through our wide range of best-in-class joint ventures, partners and vendors.”

Managed Video Surveillance by Telstra provides you with a scalable open security platform to support video surveillance, security services and related communications. It's ideal if you have multiple sites and want reliable, integrated infrastructure.

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