Secure your business

Access data on the go

  • 50% of employers say that employees using their own mobile devices at work create security issues.
  • Telstra’s Next IP is a secure IP data network solution that is great for companies with employees on the move.
  • With Next IP everyone is happy – your client data is secure, your people can access data on the go, and your company has a cost-effective security solution.

Does your mobile workforce need easy access to sensitive client data? Telstra’s Next IP® Network gives you enterprise-grade security without compromising staff flexibility.

In last month’s IN:SIGHT we looked at the mobility-versus-data-security dilemma faced by financial service businesses when team members need to access client data off site.

Access data on the go

This is a real concern among business owners, according to Telstra’s 2014 Cyber Security Report. Half of all employers say employees using their mobile devices at work either expose the company network to malware (29%) or compromise company data protection (21%).

Fortunately, for this new kind of workforce there is a new technology to suit: Telstra’s Next IP® network is an IP data network solution that’s great for workers on the move, as it gives businesses an enterprise-grade network protected by inbuilt security certifications and processes.

50% of employers said that employees using their mobile devices at work either exposed the company network to malware (29%) or compromised company data protection (21%).

– Telstra’s 2014 Cyber Security Report

When your business takes you out and about, Next IP gives you peace of mind that sensitive information can be transmitted and shared via reliable networks. The solution is fully integrated with the Telstra Mobile Network, so your team can connect with both your clients and each other easily. There are no big outlays for capital equipment or network infrastructure because Telstra manages it all for you, in a secure Cloud environment.

Next IP has what everyone need: security for your clients, mobility for your people, and all the benefits of a fully-dedicated secure network without the infrastructure costs.

IP Rewards for new customers

Now is a great time to implement a new IP network for your business. Eligible new Telstra’s Next IP® Network customers can be rewarded with even greater value from their IP investment. Ask your account executive for details.

Key features

  • The Telstra Next IP® Network gives easy and securely certified access to the tools you need to work off-site via a virtual private network (VPN) with fast speeds and low latency.
  • The network’s built-in redundancy feature supports your financial firm’s business continuity needs.
  • With Cloud services and an IP network from a single provider you can optimise performance, help minimise costs and simplify management.

Ask your account executive for details of Telstra’s IP Rewards offer – available to all new Next IP customers.

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