Telstra Managed SD-WAN powered by Cisco offers an entirely new way to manage and operate your WAN infrastructure. Connecting users and devices to applications over the WAN has never been easier. A secure overlay, with centralised management makes it easy to connect remote locations, data centres and the public cloud over the right network connectivity to optimise application performance. Simple workflows enable IT to scale their WAN over thousands of end-points with a consistent user policy and strong security.

SD-WAN use case guide

Examine some of the most common use cases for SD-WAN and learn how SD-WAN adoption translates directly to benefits for your business and its customers. Learn more.

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SD-WAN the future of networking: Webinar

Why is SD-WAN so critical? And how will it shape the future of networking? Find out in our presentation for Cisco’s FUTURE WAN ’18 The SD-WAN Virtual Summit.

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How SD-WAN will transform the network

SD-WAN simplifies how organisations move workloads to any cloud, consume cloud hosted applications or enable new services in remote locations. Learn more.

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SD-WAN: accelerating agile operations in Asia Pacific

This Ovum white paper highlights the core considerations to ensure secure, highly agile, and flexible network access, and why this is more critical than ever before.

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Telstra's SD-WAN solutions 

Telstra's Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions can help you get more out of your network.

Why Telstra for SD-WAN?

The network underlay plays a critical role in the SD-WAN overlay. Build your SD-WAN overlay on our world-class core network for even greater resiliency, better visibility and high application performance.

Get the most out of your network

Evolve your network to be more efficient, secure and agile to keep up with a dynamic business environment. Jump start your understanding of SD-WAN.

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