2018 Retail
Innovation Summit

The premier destination for retail industry leaders, the 2018 Retail Innovation Summit is a unique opportunity to access top industry insights to help achieve data-driven success.

Data driven retailing

In the fast-paced retail world, it's more important than ever to give customers what they need, at the speed and price they want. But, how do you keep up?

Leading retailers are using data-driven technologies and techniques to expand their knowledge of the market, improve customer experience, and make fast, smart decisions to drive growth and boost efficiency.

The 2018 Retail Innovation Summit, curated exclusively for leaders in the retail industry, will show attendees how to harness data to succeed in the globally competitive retail environment.

Learn how some of the industry's brightest minds are using and managing data effectively 

Smart technology, artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making are changing the world retailers live in. Success depends on staying one step ahead. 

But, how? The answer's in the data. 

Understanding how to predict demand, use prescriptive analytics, and deliver your product to the right market, at the right time, can give your business the edge it needs.

At the 2018 Retail Innovation Summit, attendees will hear from some of the industry's brightest minds on taking advantage of data-driven insights and strategies.

2018 speakers

Scott Galloway

L2 and Professor of Marketing
NYU Stern (via satellite)

Jodie Sangster


Ingrid Maes

Director Loyalty,
Customer Analytics & Digital Media

Paul Greenberg

CEO and Founder

Neil Hendry

Global Head of Consulting

Luke Ritchie

GNC Consulting

Christine Corbett

Group Chief Customer Officer
Australia Post

Naseema Sparks AM

Non Executive Director

Jon Stine

Global GM, Retail Hospitality Consumer Goods Industries

Gareth Jude

Retail Industry Executive

Ben Gilbert

Head of Consumer Research

Matt Shay

President and CEO
National Retail Federation

Zoe Ghani

Chief Technology Officer
The Iconic

Kelly Slessor

CEO and Founder
Shop You

Deana Lomas

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Super Retail Group

Scott Rigby

Head of Digital Transformation
APAC, Adobe

Craig Woolford

Equity Analyst

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