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What tomorrow's leaders need today

Google’s Jason Pellegrino discusses the impact of technology on communication with customers.

What Tomorrow's Leaders Need Today

Thanks to mobile digital communications, customers have an expectation of securing relevant information at the right time, in the right format – every time. This places a whole new level of expectations on organisations. Jason Pellegrino, Head of Strategy & Operations for Google in the Asia-Pacific region, discusses the impact these expectations are having on sales and marketing strategies across the region. The trick to great mobile communications, Pellegrino says, is for marketers to continue to think like customers and optimise web communications for an excellent experience throughout each interaction.Mobile

Mobile as a technology is fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with each other, with brands, with businesses.

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Jason PellegrinoHead of Strategy & OperationsGoogle – Asia-Pacific

Mobile as a technology is fundamentally changing the way that consumers interact with brands, with businesses. It’s changing their expectations, yet they want information at a point in time when they want it, how they want it. And when that’s not delivered, they’re not happy. There’s research out there that shows, if someone goes to a website on their mobile phone and it’s not web optimised and it’s a suboptimal experience, two-thirds of those people will never come back. They’ll go to a competitor.

And so they want information they want, when they want it, in the format that they want it – and we’re all living these lives. Something happens when we enter our workplaces and we walk up into our roles in marketing or sales and strategy or operations, and we kind of start to forget who we are as a consumer. We have traditionally, in the last couple of years I’ve seen at least, you know, downplayed the role of mobile. Yet, as individuals, we’re sitting in those offices tethered to these phones, rapidly connecting to our friends and our families and everything, and using these as decision drivers for purchase decisions and everything else yet, stepping back, when we’re thinking about our own business and [we’re] not really understanding or not accepting, the importance of those devices.

For most organisations looking at the current disruption we’re facing is – is this acceptance that is being driven by consumers; that they’re along for the journey rather than driving consumers to the outcomes that they want. And so that requires change, it requires an ability to be fast and nimble, it requires an ability to – to bring in people who might be different to the organisation, [people who] have different skill sets who might think differently, who might challenge internally.

The reality is these connection points are there, they’re not going away. Consumer desire to connect with these connection points is only increasing, and so it sort of behoves all of us, particularly across the leadership teams in organisations, to realise [they’re] there and then figure out how to actually use those to actually connect with consumers, to actually highlight the benefits and features and products and services of my organisation. So maybe at a more authentic level help people understand some of the things we’re doing in corporate social responsibility that are actually out there in the market that maybe our employees are doing, our businesses are doing and actually – and highlight those programs.

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