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Taking work anywhere

  • Automatic job scheduling is improving productivity and efficiency for companies with field services.
  • GeoOpp is boosting field worker productivity by delivering job sheets, real-time scheduling, and GPS tracking directly to compatible mobile or Tablet devices.
  • The mobile apps makes it easier to track parts and create invoices as fieldworkers can automatically capture and store all the relevant job information through their mobile devices.
  • GeoOp helps field workers become more efficient with the ability to capture photos, media files and other types of data on site, and share it with other users.

Mobile phone apps that track field workers and schedules are delivering measurable productivity gains for businesses who have adopted the technology.

Businesses stand to make significant productivity gains with a new breed of device-independent mobile apps that track field workers and deliver work schedules.

Having done extensive research in the sector Charlie Macdonald, manufacturing, transport and logistics lead at Telstra, says while many in the industry were early adopters of mobility, some remain locked in to closed systems.

Taking work anywhere

There are many potential applications in different verticals, because of the range of data you can capture and the level of backend integration.

These same companies are looking for ways to leverage significant investments in internally developed software applications that manage work schedules, supply chains, and logistics operations. Ideally they would be able to deliver existing data streams out to rapidly changing mobile platforms, and also used these mobile devices to capture data on the road. However for many the cost and complexity of creating device independent mobile applications has been prohibitive.


Mobile applications offer a flexible alternative

Macdonald believes many in the sector will be able to boost their productivity through strategic investment in device independent mobile applications such as GeoOp. This application is currently experiencing significant uptake amongst businesses which rely on field workers.

GeoOp was originally designed to help trades and services professionals manage their business. It included features that track time, employee GPS coordinates, assign jobs, integrate parts lists and photos, prepare quotes and send invoices, and integrate with accounting packages.

This would enable transport and logistics companies to leverage investment in existing customer-built or bespoke systems, while delivering functionality out onto a mobile platform.

GeoOp can actually assist in increasing the productivity of existing systems and enhance the efficiency of field workers.

From trades to transport

According to Mark Hatton, senior product marketing specialist in mobile applications for Telstra, GeoOp customers will be able to build on the strong foundation it has established in the trades, as it gains traction in different verticals.

“GeoOp is perfect for any vertical industry where there are a lot of people on the road and tasks are being assigned in a really dynamic fashion,” Hatton says.

The application dispatches jobs to a mobile device, then the field worker can capture all the information about the job, channelling it back to the office to create invoices in near real time.”

“It’s already very popular with in the trades, but there are many potential applications in different verticals, because of the range of data you can capture and the level of backend integration,” Hatton says.

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