Optimise your IT

Build your business reputation

  • A good reputation is one of the key indicators of a successful construction business.
  • Telstra Fleet Management Solutions is a suite of GPS tracking technologies that will help you deliver projects on time.
  • Tracking data also helps you create a safer workplace, both on the road and on site.

Reputation in the construction business is key to your success. Learn how asset tracking technology can help improve project delivery to impress your clients and partners.

In last month’s IN:SIGHT we revealed that a good reputation is one of the key indicators of a successful construction business, according to recent research from IBIS World.

Build your business reputation

Productivity and on-time project delivery are crucial to your reputation. So how could M2M (machine to machine) tracking technology help you reduce delays? It can help improve efficiency, minimise safety incidents and prevent loss and theft.

With the housing and commercial building sectors now showing some signs of recovery, having a good reputation in the market for delivering on time and on budget will give you a clear advantage when tendering for more projects. That’s where Telstra Fleet Management Solutions can help. We offer a suite of GPS tracking technologies for vehicles and plant equipment, and it gives you valuable data to help with project delivery.

Having a good reputation – being known to meet time, quality and cost specifications – aids in tendering for new projects and ensures repeat business.

– IBISWorld Industry Report: Construction in Australia, March 2015

For example, in-vehicle units connected to the Telstra Mobile Network provide visibility of your fleet so you can centrally-monitor fleet activity from your HQ. Plan more precise arrival times, improve routes and track lost or stolen plant equipment.

Additionally, this data can also help you create a safer workplace, on the road and on site. You can use this information to help you plan a proactive maintenance schedule, head off safety risks to both employees and equipment and minimising disruptions to timelines.

Whether you have one vehicle or many, Telstra Fleet Management Solutions can help you improve the productivity of your construction fleet and help your firm build a reputation for reliability and on-time project delivery

Test drive the Sendum Monitoring Solution for free

Take a free 30-day trial of Telstra’s Sendum Monitoring Solution, one part of the whole suite of Fleet Management Solutions (data charges may apply). Attach Sendum to your vehicles and machinery to give you better visibility of your fleet, including theft or loss events.

Key features

  • In-vehicle units connected to the Telstra Mobile Network give you better visibility of fleet and plant assets.
  • Tracking data also allows you to streamline your admin by efficiently generating proof of attendance, timesheets and reports with automatic time and location data.
  • Includes Journey Management Centre, to help you manage the safety of workers driving for extended periods of time.

Things you need to know

Trial is limited to 30 days and is subject to Telstra approval on a maximum of two 2 devices. Each device allows for a data usage allowance of 5MB. You must return all trial devices to Telstra at the end of the trial.

Ask your account executive about a free trial of Telstra’s Sendum Monitoring Solution, an ideal equipment tracking tool for construction companies (data charges may apply).

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