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The awesome APIs underpinning digital transformation

APIs, or application programming interfaces, create the connections that power digital transformation. Discover how to harness that power.

The Awesome APIs Underpinning Digital Transformation

Success is built on your capacity to connect seamlessly with clients, employees and suppliers, which is why APIs are at the centre of change and progress in the digital age.

Application Programming Interfaces – or APIs, are essentially small pieces of software which enable computing systems to “talk to”, each other, making it possible for organisations to constantly find new and innovative ways to secure supply, deliver services, and connect with customers.

After more than two decades at the forefront of technological innovation, Telstra API evangelist Frank Arrigo explains what you need to know about APIs and what they will mean for your industry.

APIs are about connecting peoples, partners, businesses with information – big time.

– Frank Arrigo



I’m Frank Arrigo and I’m the API Evangelist at Telstra. An API is an Application Programming Interface, and at the basic level an API is how software talks to software.

So where will APIs take the business? Look I think it really is the heart of digital transformation. What APIs allow you do is they set up this gearbox in between allowing you to run a system of innovation that provides access to information without actually changing it, but in a secure way. From this you can start creating new products, new experiences, a better customer way of interacting.

Another example you might know if you have kids at school, you know if your child is late you may get an SMS to say your child has arrived late. What’s actually happening is the school is running a roster – a classroom management system.

An API allows you to get access to information and services from an organisation. And what that allows is it sets this information free for partners and other organisations that the business works with, to share and interact and collaborate and transact.

Think about when you get an SMS on your boarding pass to say you’ve got to board, that SMS has been sent by the carrier, most likely using an API. Retailers could use that data to send offers to clients and it could get even smarter because, with location information, they could know who is around, and there could be beacons in the store where they could be sharing material.

APIs are about connecting people, partners, businesses with information, big time. It’s really that glue, it’s that plumbing that you take plumbing for granted right – you flush it works, it’s all good, APIs are the same. Press that button, you want to make that transaction it’s all good, it all works, API’s will make it work for you.

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