Optimise your IT

Ditch paper processes

  • Customised, connected tablets boost the productivity of on-the-ground sales and service teams
  • Eliminating paper processes with admin apps like Canvas can help make decision-making and processing quick and easy
  • With cloud storage and the Telstra Mobile Network you can have the tools and information you need at their fingertips while you’re on the go

More businesses in every industry are looking to digital solutions to fit with their mobility needs and meet client expectations. You can use customised, connected tablets to do the same.

Half of all businesses will retire their paper-based processes by the end of 2015 and adopt digital solutions – all in the interest of making their processes more efficient. Going paperless is big news according to a recent report from Aragon Research, published December 2014.

Ditch paper processes

A connected tablet with a selection of apps suited to your business is an effective tool for keeping you and your staff productive when on the move. You can quickly and easily find the information and tools you need to make better, more informed decisions.

Cutting down on time-consuming paper processes means your mobile workforce works smarter, not harder – whether they’re salespeople, service representatives or tradespeople. Processes that might have taken hours in the past can now be completed much more efficiently on the spot. Any time saved on admin maximises productivity, and gives you more time to focus on keeping your clients happy.

Connected tablet solutions help your staff become more efficient on the go. Easy-to-use applications like Canvas, for example, let you replace all your paper forms with digital ones and store them in the Cloud.

With Canvas, you and your team can:

  • Find, customise or create digital forms for use on compatible smartphones and tablets
  • Capture and attach electronic signatures, GPS tags and photos, consolidating the information your mobile team needs to make quicker, better-informed decisions
  • Send collected forms (in PDF format) and information over the Telstra Mobile Network straight back to the office or admin team for processing
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming paper processes, illegible handwriting and lost forms
  • Store everything in the Cloud, so can be at your fingertips when you’re on the go

Equipping your team with Canvas on tablets on the Telstra Mobile Network makes them more connected and more efficient. And Telstra 4G goes faster in more places, with the largest 4G coverage area of any mobile network in Australia.

Contact your account executive for more information.

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