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Working smart and mobile in 2018

  • Mobile work environments enhance worker productivity, collaboration and innovation.
  • The biggest impact on the modern workplace is the surge in remote and flexible working.
  • Mobile is driving business process improvements across the enterprise.

To thrive and stay innovative, organisations need to embrace agile, mobile-focused ways of working.

We all know that being chained to your desk and dealing with antiquated systems and convoluted workplace processes is both inefficient and demotivating.

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We all know that being chained to your desk and dealing with antiquated systems and convoluted workplace processes is both inefficient and demotivating.

 To attract and retain quality talent it’s therefore essential to minimise bottlenecks and pain points as well as providing an optimal mobile work environment. 

Improving employee productivity is a key reason to embrace mobility, with Ovum’s Mobile Workspace Will Be Digital and Application-Centric whitepaper finding that 27 per cent of organisations indicated productivity was their top priority.

This manifests physically in office environments with open-plan layouts, co-working areas and breakout spaces, and digitally as an application-centric, secure, mobile-focused operating environment. Together these enhance worker productivity, collaboration and innovation. 

Technology needs to follow workers around, not just through networking, but with the use of tools like specialised apps that work in many locations where your employees are.

However, mobility brings with it new security concerns – protecting the company’s assets can become a greater headache when everything is no longer tied down and in one place. 

Ovum’s whitepaper found the number one challenge identified among organisations surveyed was improving security and ensuring their mobile workspace solution complies to new data regulations. 

It also found that keeping corporate information and intellectual property safe was viewed as essential in these areas and having properly-planned and mapped-out access to specific users and teams is paramount. 

Because of complex and ever-increasing objectives, including legislative change, businesses are having to rethink their mobile workspace strategies and elevate their strategic importance.

Many have chosen to work with external service providers, like Telstra with specialist skills to understand the scale of their challenge and the practical issues they face. 

Utilising a single service provider helps to ensure that multiple technologies and applications will work together without conflict as well as minimising the potential for leaving security gaps where all of the technological layers overlap. 

A flip side to security considerations is the user experience – of both your customers and staff. If you lock down an environment too harshly, it can become a headache to use to the point where workers either give up trying or figure out their own, unsecured, workflows around the barriers – known as ‘shadow IT’.

The whitepaper also found that analytics are a key mobility focus, with 69 per cent of Australian enterprises indicating they will leverage mobile analytics to measure employee performance and derive efficiencies. 

Other enterprise focus areas include instant messaging apps, self-serve productivity applications, finance/ERP apps and video conferencing apps. When considering new mobility technologies, it’s important to understand that usability goes hand in hand with productivity.

It’s a technological shift that is particularly important for organisations to meet the demands of a modern workforce undergoing a generational shift. 

More businesses are mobilising workspaces, find out why in the Ovum whitepaper, along with how to build your Mobile Workspace strategy.

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