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Out of the box

Box software allows you to exchange files, securely and efficiently across different devices to boost collaboration.

Out of the box

As file-sharing services have become more popular, they’ve proliferated in businesses. But in some cases, staff aren’t choosing the right tool for the job or they’re using a system that compromises company security.

Box can help avoid these issues. It’s a cloud-based service that delivers enterprise-ready, secure file-sharing to a wide variety of devices.

“It’s very much simplifying the way we work with our roaming users. They’re able to get a corporate Box app on their tablet or phone to access the Telstra-specific corporate content,” said Liz Van Der Peet, Telstra’s Senior IT Business Analyst, Social and Collaboration.

“It’s a simple tool. There’s co-authoring and a whole bunch of other excellent capabilities that enable us to work with external parties.”

Felicity Georgakopoulos, Telstra Senior Business Specialist

The lines between personal and business apps are often blurred. But that’s not an issue with Box at Telstra.

“Users have a separate consumer app if they have personal accounts,” Van Der Peet explains. “Box helps make it clear where the protection boundary lies between personal and corporate content.”

Although Telstra’s use of Box is still in its early days, there have already been noticeable benefits. Felicity Georgakopoulos, a Senior Business Specialist in Telstra’s Enterprise Collaboration team, explains.

“It’s a simple tool,” Georgakopoulos says. “There’s co-authoring and a whole bunch of other excellent capabilities that enable us to work with external parties.”

Those benefits aren’t limited to operational, everyday matters. Box’s use has made it all the way to board level in some parts of Telstra.

“Some of the best benefits have been the ability to hold briefing papers in the Box platform and access them around the world [and the ability to choose] to allow partners and companies we work with to share content into Box so we can look at the documents. We’ve done that with some of our leadership teams as they travel overseas,” Van Der Peet explains.

Box is popular in a wide variety of industries. Online music streaming service Pandora also uses the technology.

“Before Box, finding an important file at Pandora was a bit of a nightmare,” says Mark Brennan, the company’s Senior Director for Information Technology.

Since deploying Box, Brennan estimates, staff spend about 50 per cent less time searching for and sending files. Box also integrates with Pandora’s other key systems and applications.

Thinking outside the box
  • Box works on a variety of devices, from a smartphone to a desktop computer
  • Box is a secure, enterprise-ready, cloud-based file-sharing system
  • Box makes it easy to divide personal data from professional data, enabling safe sharing
  • Box is easy to use and requires very little training for users or administrators.

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