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Mobile benefits: Making the most of workforce mobility

While many business leaders recognise the benefits of mobility, few have managed to capitalise on it to the extent that they would like.

Mobile benefits: Making the most of workforce mobility

In less time than it took to build the world’s first commercial computer, mobile services, devices and applications have become essential tools in the workplace.

Despite this, mobility remains a real challenge for business leaders – particularly those wanting to keep pace with the technology that will allow their staff to work more flexibly, efficiently, and with greater innovation.

Faced with different operating systems, security issues and the cost of mobile fleet management, the concerns for business managers in going mobile are vast and varied.

However for all its challenges, the benefits of mobility far outweigh the concerns. This is why the most innovative businesses of the next few years will have mobility at the core of everything they do.

Here are a few reasons to make the most of mobility in the workforce:

Customer service

Mobile devices give staff the ability to access customer files and information at the touch of a button, ensuring customer data is updated in near real-time and accessible on the go. As customer numbers grow and change, mobile management also allows flexibility at scale.

Staff engagement

Staff are happier using cutting edge mobile devices, and have the expectation their data will follow them across all the devices they use. Employees are also more willing to work outside normal hours, answering emails, accessing and producing presentations and other mission-critical activities using mobile technology.

Innovation and collaboration

Staff also find ways to be more innovative with mobile. They’re more likely to collaborate with other employees, creating ad-hoc, flexible working groups, often outside the office and beyond regular hours.

Workplace flexibility

The mobile workspace provides an environment where all staff can access the tools and data they need – from different locations ­– to do their jobs in a more productive manner.

Security and end-to-end support

Mobility as a service provides the tools business managers need, including security, device and application management, as well as easy to understand plans and tariffs, as a simple monthly service package.

This also has the effect of moving mobile management from being a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure, allowing managers to better understand how, where and why their mobile fleets are being used.

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