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As new technologies and ways of working change the way we do business, so too are our job titles evolving. Check out what your next promotion might look like.

The workforce we know today is set for sweeping changes in coming decades as a unique set of factors disrupts traditional employment patterns. At the eye of this perfect storm is the prediction that as many as 44 per cent of current positions in Australia could potentially be replaced by the efficient automation and computerisation of tasks, as revealed by the CSIRO’s Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce report. 

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Additionally, the meteoric rise of ad hoc employment in the gig economy, a rapidly ageing population and the decline of the resources sector will all dramatically reshape Australia’s economy and workforce.

As the economy shifts away from the manufacturing and resources sectors towards service jobs, creative work and the knowledge economy, so too will our job titles evolve to reflect the opportunities afforded by machine learning, automation, big data and new employment practices. 

Check out these five new positions already available in our rapidly evolving workplaces. 

Chief Happiness Officer

As Australia’s knowledge and service sectors expand, job satisfaction and employee engagement are being recognised as critical factors in productivity. Only four in 10 workers consider themselves “fully engaged” with their job, according to JLL’s Workplace Powered by Human Experience report. 

In JLL’s survey, 79 per cent of Australian respondents indicated they thought appointing a Chief Happiness Officer was at least “quite a good idea” as workers increasingly seek fulfilment through their professional lives. 

Day to day, a CHO reviews company policies with a focus on hiring, HR and collaboration, while also serving as a liaison point between employees and the rest of senior management. 

Head of Social Robotics

Social robotics, the art of designing robots that can engage emotionally and collaborate with people, is becoming a vital field as robots proliferate outside the industrial sector. Client-facing robots are already being utilised in healthcare, aged care, hospitality and retail services.

To design these people-friendly robots, new roles and teams that combine STEM educated coders and engineers with animators, social scientists and even psychologists, will be needed. The Head of Social Robotics is responsible for ensuring these diverse skillsets are combined in a meaningful way. 

Chief Freelance Relationship Officer

Driven by the emerging peer-to-peer employment market, freelancers and portfolio workers are set to play an important role in Australia’s growing knowledge and creative industries.

It will become vital for enterprises to ensure these ad hoc employment relationships are managed effectively as freelancers take on core aspects of projects, requiring them to collaborate with both company staff and other freelancers. 

This is where the Chief Freelance Relationship Officer comes in, systematising relationships that have traditionally been somewhat informal in nature. For example, regardless of whether your videographer is sourced from an application, a professional
network or an agency, the Chief Freelance Relationship Officer needs to ensure they can collaborate productively with the writer and audio engineer you engaged from other sources, through both software and corporate co-working facilities.

 New Ways of Working Partner

Of course, it’s not just freelancers who are looking for more fulfilling ways of working and collaborating under a variety of circumstances – this is becoming a basic requirement of Australia’s increasingly professionalised in-house workforce. 

Recognising that best practices in the workplace are constantly evolving alongside technology and new research, enterprises are appointing New Ways of Working Partners to spearhead initiatives among senior leadership to ensure companies don’t fall
behind more agile start-ups in designing workplaces that encourage employees to innovate and excel. 

New Ways of Working Partners have a broad remit that extends to HR, office design, collaboration and mobility technologies, hiring and company culture.

Chief Data Storyteller

In 2017, the translation of vast quantities of data into real human narratives and insights has never been more important. 

Much like the Head of Social Robotics, a Chief Data Storyteller ideally leverages strong artistic, social science and technical backgrounds to translate the information that organisations require into actionable insights and compelling narratives. Effectively balancing the diverse needs of a data analysis team is at the heart of this new position. 

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