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It’s a gas: How BOC Australia got mobile

Mobility makes it easier for customers to do business: routine transactions can be fast-tracked while ensuring customer data is protected.

It’s a gas: How BOC Australia got mobile

A mobility solution adopted by Australia’s largest supplier of industrial gas, BOC Australia, has empowered their workforce, boosted productivity, reduced costs and helped staff deliver better customer service.

Designed in conjunction with Telstra, the BOC Australia mobile app turns compatible staff devices into portable point-of-sale scanners, substantially reducing the rollout’s hardware costs while offering staff greater flexibility.

The result is an app that has transformed the management of BOC’s gas bottle fleet from cumbersome double handling of data to a paperless, agile transaction.


So previously the customer came into our store we’d go out and scan the cylinder, we’d come back into the store and would process their order, then we’d go back out to the gas dock, and we’d scan the cylinder and then the customer would walk back into the store to get all their paper work.

Everyone wants simplicity these days

BOC is Australia’s largest supplier of industrial gas.

I’m John Coyne, I’m responsible for our light industries which includes about 300,000 customers.

We operate about 68 stores and we have about another 800 agents who sell gas on our behalf.

So one of our challenges was to be easier to do business with our customers.

The my agent mobile app, it’s got a very easy flow to it, essentially as we go out to the dock we scan a customer’s return cylinder which links up to their account.

The app itself tends to walk you through the process.

We needed to bring in some outside experience. We’re not experts in apps so we brought in partners Telstra and some app designers to help us come up with something that was easy to use.

We’re rolling this out right across Australia so we really needed to make sure we’re with a partner that had a really stable network.

The benefits for a company like us is we’re in a paperless system we just introduced so definitely easier to maintain… administration.

Don’t have to run around chasing the bottles it’s just easier to locate and exchange them.

Typically a customer may have taken ten minutes to do their transactions, we can now do that under 2 minutes, if you multiply all those transactions up, it’s probably about 30,000 hours, which is really lovely, for us that’s an opportunity to re-invest our time with our customers.

We are now already started the process of deploying this on a global basis.

For us to be able to interact with our customers in a mobile way is really really important for our future.

For every new customer who comes in we say oh we have this new procedure now and they go oh wow, technology’s moving so far forward now.


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