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Cloud power gets hackdivated

In just 48 hours, enthusiastic teams of software developers in Sydney and Melbourne created solutions that answered the needs of some of Australia’s most deserving not-for-profit organisations.

Cloud power gets hackdivated

What do you get when you combine 50 software developers, five inspirational not-for-profit organisations, Cisco Cloud Services and 48 hours? You get seven innovative solutions – and a whole lot of insight into what business can achieve with a flexible, scalable development tool.

In just two days, we saw some excellent software solutions to real-world problems and the developers were given a chance to experience the rapid development opportunities provided by the Telstra & Cisco Alliance, while delivering a huge benefit to the community

Hackdivate 2015, held simultaneously in Sydney and Melbourne in late April, brought together teams of volunteer developers from across the business community. Beginning on a Friday evening, the teams were linked up through videoconferencing as the not-for-profit participants explained the diverse challenges they faced in delivering services.

In just three hours, seven teams of developers were across those challenges and ready to create software solutions to real world problems from online bullying, to alcohol-fuelled violence.

“Developer teams kicked of scoping sessions together with members of the not for profit organisations drawing insights and co-creating solutions”

Andrew Ward, Marketing Group Manager, Enterprise Solutions for Telstra says.

With vast the right tools at their fingertips and industry expertise on hand, the developers hunkered down into a coding frenzy and produced seven solutions that will help the not-for-profits deliver their services more effectively and in many cases do more good for their causes.

In just two days, we saw some prototypes developed to real-world problems and the developers were given a chance to experience the rapid development opportunities provided by the Cisco-Telstra alliance, while delivering a huge benefit to the community.

Apps were also developed to help disadvantaged youth participate in community radio, and to help empower kids to deal with online bullying.

“It’s a tremendous result for the not-for-profits that participated and the communities they serve,” Ward says. “And it’s also an excellent result for Hackdivate coders, who volunteered their time to do some good for those who deserve a hand”

Idea in brief

Prototypes developed on the day by HACKDIVATE teams:

  • A research app to help parents of kids with Cerebral Palsy
  • A support app to help cancer patients connect with care teams and services A portal to help doctors monitor patient medication through SMS reminders
  • An incident report log to help Take Kare Safe Space keep Sydney’s streets safe
  • A digital reporting interface to reduce paperwork
  • A music swap app to give youth a chance to share their voices through digital radio
  • A smartphone app to help protect kids from online bullies

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