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Australia's most sophisticated data marketing campaigns

Today’s consumers demand personalisation – and that makes information the most valuable currency of all.

Australia's most sophisticated data marketing campaigns

We live in a world where consumers have control over just about every moment in the path to purchase – a shift which has radically altered the traditional marketing model. The most successful organisations know that the future of effective marketing lies in a company’s ability to cater to specific customer needs.

Consider the way music streaming service Spotify uses data to craft a personalised experience as its Year In Music website takes people through a story about their listening behaviours in 2015. With the ability to analyse listening patterns throughout the year, Spotify can now curate customised playlists to better reflect consumer tastes.

When analysed well, data can provide insight into purchasing behaviours and trends, leaving brands with an opportunity to maximise revenue and transform customer interactions.

Connecting people to information

As online information flows have become free and many, news organisations have struggled in the fight to retain revenue and build audience base. As a solution to declining paid news subscriptions, News Corp collaborated with data and media agencies UM, Cadreon and Anomaly to find readers who were willing to pay for news in a context where it’s already available for free.

Existing subscribers were analysed using more that 200 behavioural indicators and third party data to determine the kind of people who paid for the particular news subscription. This information was then used to develop a campaign focused on non-subscribers, resulting in additional yearly revenue of $3.2 million.

Amplifying digital campaigns

In an effort to efficiently amplify a digital campaign celebrating the moment people buy their first pool, ad agency Affinity investigated first and third party data from Narellan Pools to ensure the money they spent on advertising resulted in maximum exposure and sales.

The team discovered a set of probable factors that acted as a tipping point to sales and only activated the campaign when those conditions were met. As a result of the data-driven strategy, Affinity reduced Narellan Pools’ media spend by over 30 per cent, increased sales by 23 per cent and created a record-breaking return on investment.

Engaging new and lapsed customers

In early 2016, Hawthorn Football Club realised it had 10,000 fans who had not renewed their memberships, and more than 300,000 people across its social channels that were not being engaged with. Video marketing agency Data Creative set out to transform member engagement rates by providing users with a seamless and relevant experience.

Using database and Facebook data, the team designed a personalised video that outlined winning percentage, wins, losses, draws, goals and premierships during the specific fan’s lifetime. The campaign allowed the audience to have a unique experience that emotionally connected them to the club.

The video was programmed to deduce whether a fan was a recent or seasoned member, generating a call to action if membership had lapsed. Since the campaign’s launch in March 2016, 70,000 fan videos have been created and club memberships have increased by 4.6 per cent.

In a busy market, you need new ways to grab attention, inspire a purchase and build relationships.

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