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The future belongs to positive people

From work to lifestyle and life-long learning, Bernard Salt is optimistic about the future.

The future belongs to positive people

The workplace culture of the future is almost here, thanks to technology.

Technology is empowering people in Australia to move from structured to flexible workplaces, promising sociability and connectivity like never before, according to KPMG partner, demographer and futurist Bernard Salt.

Here are five reasons he is optimistic about our technologically enhanced future:

1. Australians will use technology to improve lifestyle

According to Salt Australians have a great track record of adopting technology to boost their lifestyle and he believes this capacity will continue as we see new devices, vehicles and networks emerge around the world.

2. Technology will make work more flexible

The future is about flexibility as the pace of the workforce evolves to fit needs and desires. This means workers will have greater control over the time and place they work, offering lifestyle advantages and greater productivity, Salt says.

3. Technology will deliver diverse career opportunities

Being adaptable to change and new challenges will future-proof your career, Salt says. “You need to be articulate, you need to be social, you need to be fluid.”

4. Technology will enable life-long learning

A thriving career will be based on a process of upskilling, reskilling and refining. “If we are moving into a high-tech, knowledge-worker industry and economy, then it’s only natural that the workers of the future must be continually refining and upgrading their skills base,” Salt says.

5. The future belongs to positive people

A prosperous future lies in creativity, technology and positivity, Salt says. “If you’re up for the challenge and you have a positive view of the world and how you can fit into that world, then you will fly in the workforce of the future.”


Bernard Salt, Partner, Demographer and Futurist, KPMG

I’m very positive about Australia’s future.

For 200 years the Australian people have been obsessed with lifestyle. We created eight hour, eight hours’ work, rest and play.

We take whatever technology, whatever, whether that’s suburbia, whether it’s a car, whether it’s the internet, whether it’s mobile phones and turn it to our advantage.

In the future workers will use technology to timeshift. They might want to work between 9 and 10 in the morning, then pick up their kids from school or complete a function and then work between 3 and 5 in the afternoon and again between 7 and 8 at night.

It’s all about flexibility, having control over your time and I think that’s the great promise of technology.

One thing we can say about jobs in the future is that you won’t have one job for life. You’ll probably have 15 or 20 jobs throughout your 30 or 40-year career

There is no single learning. There is no course. There is no skill set that you can learn today that will deliver you a career in 40 years’ time. Every career, every occupation, every industry, every business will evolve over the next 30 or 40 years and you need to evolve with it.

As long as you are open, flexible, fluid, agile, up for anything and prepared to learn anything, these are the skill sets that will future-proof your career.

If you don’t like change, then the future is scary. If you’re up for the challenge and you have a positive view of the world and how you can fit into that world, then you will, you will fly in the, in the workforce in the future.

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