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Technology takes NSW transport to the next level

The future of public transport innovation is integration says Tim Reardon, secretary, Transport for NSW.

Technology takes NSW transport to the next level

Transport NSW provides services to 7.5 million people every day and, with the state’s population expected to expand by 2 million people over the next decade, the need for integration and better customer service has never been more apparent.

Transport NSW is designing a digital “roadmap” of how it will serve these people, with the aim of maximising the efficiency with which people can move about on their daily business. This goes for everything from motorways, digital licensing, electronic ticketing, trains, ferries and disruptors such as ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft.

“We are about personalising the transport experience,” says Tim Reardon, secretary,

Transport for NSW, who is steering a four-year, $41 billion transformation of the transportation industry.

“The Holy Grail is integration – to achieve that level of integration you need good governance, you need good co-ordination. Most people would see that as a challenge, but we see it as an opportunity.”

Tim Reardon, Secretary, Transport for NSW


We’re designing a digital roadmap to better connect communities and how we actually plan the next generation of the transport system, not just with a traditional transport modelling approach but with big data and data analytics.

The individual customer needs much more empowerment about how they use the transport service that we provide. We have a service delivery opportunity and the challenge of seven-and-a-half-million people, most of whom are a customer of ours almost every day.

We are personalising their transport experience. The bus is still the same, the train is still the same, we make it clean, safe, and reliable, but their ability to use it when they want, where they want and we’re linking that with new technologies in disruption with things like Rideshare.

This is about three Cs: one, customers and putting the customer at the centre of everything we do; two, it’s about having a conversation and we want to have the conversation about the merger of technology and transport in NSW; and three, and most importantly, it will be about the culture of the agency itself and how we go about our business.

The Holy Grail is integration – to achieve that level of integration you need good governance, you need good coordination and all those types of things. Whether that’s the Opal card, digital driver’s licensing, major customer information through apps and, you know, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

In NSW over the next 15 years we’ll have 2 million more people within the state. That is an opportunity – in areas we haven’t even thought of where we can either get better service delivery, more connected communities, or better customer satisfaction.

Most people see it as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity.

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