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Prevention beats cure: How technology can create wellness

As the population ages, the healthcare sector is shifting its conventional focus from curing the sick to keeping people well.

Prevention beats cure: How technology can create wellness

Over the past decade there has been a dramatic shift in the way clinicians deliver healthcare services.

Whether it’s wireless networks within hospitals, digital medial records, video-conference consultations or healthcare management mobile apps, digital systems have become central to the way healthcare professionals operate throughout the country.

According to the national general manager for health industry development at Telstra, Tanya Felton, we are at the very beginning of a technology-driven shift that will mean patients become better informed and more empowered to understand and manage their healthcare requirements.


I’m Tanya Felton and I lead Telstra’s focus on healthcare within our global industry’s business.

Connectivity when it applies to healthcare is about enabling people to access information wherever they are.

It also gives healthcare providers the ability to access a lot more information about the people they’re treating, and [expands] the opportunities and the options that they have to treat those people.

Over the last decade we’ve seen a lot of change in healthcare. The clinicians are leading the charge, and they are looking at smarter ways of doing things.

Patients today are far better educated than they have ever been previously. They want to be a part – they want to actually have a role in the decision making around what happens to them.

The focus on healthcare and healthcare provision is moving from a system of treating illness to a system of prevention, to a system of creating wellness.

As our population does age over the next 20 to 30 years, there will be fewer taxpayers who are able to pay for the healthcare of people right across the country. There are going to be fewer people who can actually deliver services to manage that population.

So that’s really driving a focus on promotion of wellness, self-management of illness, and connectivity because we are a much more mobile population.

In five or 10 years’ time I imagine that we will have a very different approach to delivering healthcare and promoting wellness. There will be much more of a focus on keeping people out of the health system.

I am most personally excited about a system that actually looks at me as an individual and understands me as an individual.

They will have information about me, they will have information about the things that are wrong with me, and they will be able to give me options and I will be able to create my own, or make my own decisions and act on those own decisions – and that’s exciting.

Talk to your account executive about the rapidly evolving technological solutions for the healthcare sector.

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