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Custom-built for customer insight

Telstra’s new Customer Insight Centre reveals a whole new approach to the retail experience – and customer relationships.

Telstra customer insight centre

From the moment you enter Telstra’s new Customer Insight Centre you will find yourself immersed in an environment that takes collaboration to a new level.

The Sydney and Melbourne centres are designed to offer Telstra customers a deeper and more consultative relationship that extends far beyond products and services. By combining the unique interactive spaces with the latest trends in design and technology, Telstra and its customers can share experiences, gain breakthrough insights and bring solutions to life.

These spaces will help us work together with our business partners to create a vision for their business future.

The space is very dynamic, but the objective is fundamentally to connect and engage with our customers.”

– Will Wilson, business development manager, Telstra

Created for the customer

The centre, opened officially on February 18, has already been used by a number of customers.

Customer Insight Centre general manager David Woodbridge says that after talking to customers as well as stakeholders internally and externally, the centre’s developers crystallised their vision around the idea that everyone is looking for insight.

“Customers and stakeholders wanted to understand the strategic direction of Telstra,” Woodbridge says. “They needed visibility over the technology roadmap and they were looking for a valuable and reliable experience. Value underpins insight, and we built the centre to demonstrate all these connections.”

Four pillars

Woodbridge says the centre was designed around four fundamental pillars reflecting customer needs: connect with me; make me feel secure; shift my expectations; and show me your brilliance.

“‘Connect with me’ underpins everything we do,” Woodbridge says. “Customers want their time within the centre to be valuable. ‘Shift my expectations’ describes Telstra’s desire to build brand advocacy within the customer base by providing a truly world-class and useful experience. ‘Make me feel secure’ is about customer confidence in our products and services; and ‘show me your brilliance’ is built around the partnerships that we have.”

Within these principles, the goal is to deliver genuine insights into customers, their industry and finally into Telstra. The experience is also designed to respond to customers’ existing requirements, industry context, and future needs through the analogy of the mirror, the window and the crystal ball.

“The mirror is about reflecting the customer back on themselves,” Woodbridge says. “The window is very much around what is going on in their industry from Telstra’s point of view. And the crystal ball is about the future – our strategic vision and direction in their industry and where it will be in 12 months or two years.”

Contextual and immersive

Telstra business development manager Will Wilson says: “The space is very dynamic, but the objective is fundamentally to connect and engage with our customers. It helps us to better understand our customers, their business models, how they make money and where they expect their companies to be in maybe three, five or seven years.”

In some cases customers will be handed a customised tablet that automatically contextualises all the screens you [pass as you move through the spaces and your journey develops, in others you’ll be led through the journey with a facilitator.

One of the most visually arresting elements is the Insight Ring, the first introvert 360 degree video ring in the world. This is a 360-degree, 9-metre high audiovisual installation that delivers insights into a customer’s industry and, just as importantly, Telstra’s own views and insights into the 13 industries it covers.

But this is just the start. Every facility for creating extraordinary customer experiences has been considered. The centre includes the most advanced technology-based corporate theatre in Australia [, collaboration rooms, a broadcast studio media centre, and cutting-edge interactive platforms such as the Insight Ring and partnership hub, along with full restaurant-style hospitality.

A visit to the centre is a bespoke journey for each customer that helps Telstra to demonstrate its understanding of that customer’s industry, their issues, their opportunities, their own customers, and a vision of how Telstra can help deliver for the future for their business.

Customers will notice the difference as soon as they arrive at the centre, in Telstra’s George Street building in Sydney.

Telstra's Customer Insight Centre provides:
  • A fully immersive contextualised experience for customers and prospects
  • Collaboration underpinned by unique, world-class technology and platforms
  • An experience created entirely on customer insights
  • Elements that cater to all five senses.

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