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Attracting innovation: How the world’s best cities win innovation and investment

Having worked with some of the world’s most celebrated cities, civic design expert David Adam explains the essential ingredients to a successful, sustainable and productive environment.

Attracting innovation: How the world’s best cities win innovation and investment

While the pace of technological change is showing no signs of slowing down, David Adam says governments will play a crucial role in first reassuring then inspiring the public about the positive impacts technology will have on their lives.


We need to set a vision as to what that technology is for, and what it is that we’re trying to achieve with it.

The challenge for a government Is to set out what the total vision is against just a, just setting out what each individual cost might be.

There’s something about the pace of technology right now which feels like it is moving at the pace quicker than we can understand.

It’s inevitable that people are going to feel insecure.

The cities which are prioritising things like liveability where they’re recognised that what people need are, or what people demand or desire, are open spaces, being able to walk to work, being having flexible working systems.

The truth is when CEO of a blue chip company is looking at where to invest, he or she are not looking just at whether or not the financial regulatory climate.

When business invests in a place the rules of the game need to be set; they need to be clear, and as soon as the rules of the game are set,

If you can trust political stability then you’ll feel confident to invest.

That will in turn attract knowledge workers, that will in turn attract people that are looking to, you know, make great innovations and inventions

Looking for stability and trying to create culture and buzz.

Buzz is a technical term. If we think about culture, it’s not necessarily just high culture.

Human beings naturally desire something new and interesting, and so local texture in an economy, diversity of experience, excitement.

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