Create transformative innovation

Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling transformation across all industries, giving businesses like yours access to information and control like never before.

Transform business productivity with connected solutions

Businesses that have already started using IoT platforms and solutions are seeing a competitive advantage. Our scalable IoT stack supports millions of devices, and provides you with everything you need for a successful IoT solution – all underpinned by Australia's best IoT coverage.

Connected supply chains

Through mastery of supply chain data, you can enhance productivity and protect your brand, business, collaboration and more.

Connected transport

There's a new wave of technology that's driving the transport industry into a safer, more efficient and more sustainable era.

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Create transformative innovation
Create transformative innovation
IoT in focus: Disrupting the transport industry

With sensors being installed across entire fleets and autonomous shuttle bus trials occurring across the country, the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving transport and logistic...

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Create transformative innovation
Create transformative innovation
Customer experience and on-demand manufacturing

Shoes of Prey is one of the great Australian success stories - a simple idea, powered by innovative new technologies that took the world by storm. Since its Sydney launch in 20...

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Create transformative innovation
Create transformative innovation
Five fields Industrial IoT will revolutionise

From fleet management to customer experience, Industrial IoT is transforming Australian industry and realising Big Data's promise. The Internet of Things, or IoT refers to ite...

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Create transformative innovation
Create transformative innovation
Driver safety has a connected future

Autonomous vehicles could be vital to a safer Australia, just around the corner. We jump aboard the NSW Government Driverless Vehicle program at Sydney Olympic Park to find out...



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